"There is no way we could have achieved this by ourselves" →

Tracy — Non-Executive Director

"You are lovely, positive and professional; a truly winning combination!" →

John and Wendy — Retired Business owner

"We could not have done this without them - their fee was money very wisely spent" →

Martina — Property Journalist, National newspaper

"Timely, cordial, helpful and exhaustive" →

Fabio — Jimmy Choo

"They have the contacts and connections to follow through" →

Bibi — Investment Banker, JP Morgan

"We recommend Eccord to every one of our buyers" →

Andy — Super Prime Property Developer, Leconfield

"We wouldn't have even viewed the flat we ultimately bought" →

Richard & Serena — Management Consultants, Deloitte

"Indispensable assistance through every stage of the arduous process of buying a house" →

Michelle — Professor, University of Texas

"From start to end the service was excellent and proved invaluable in a challenging transaction" →

Shaun — Cairn Capital

"I recommend Eccord to anyone looking to get an extra edge in the competitive London property market" →

David — Investment Banker, HSBC

"You found me the flat of my dreams within one week" →

Peter — Tech Entrepreneur

"Typically, the A team does the pitch and the D team does the work. Not here" →

Michael & Gemma — Corporate Lawyer

"Eccord turned what can be a stressful and time-consuming endeavour into a compressed and efficient process" →


"Amy is a dedicated, tireless advocate for her clients' rights and interests" →

S & R — Oil & Gas Executive

"You stayed the course and gave good advice through a long negotiation period" →

JC — Sports Professional

"From the moment she called me from overseas, she always stood in my shoes" →

Mrs W

"We were in expert hands from start to finish" →

Cameron & Nadia — Marriott International

"I can't recommend Eccord more highly to anyone" →

Adnan — Citigroup

"The service provided is very personal, fully end to end and of very high quality" →

E & A — Artist and Investment Director

"You are rockstars!!" →

Ollie — Reality TV Personality & Entrepreneur

"Eccord saved me close to 20% of the purchase price" →

David — Corporate Lawyer, Linklaters

"I suspect [our tenant] would have left if we were still managing the property ourselves" →

Guy — Healthcare CEO

"It is testament to your very patient approach to dealing with a challenging scenario over several weeks" →

Tom — Diplomat

"Jo was at every one of the front lines throughout, and we didn't have to go there" →

Galen — Philosopher

"I have acquired several properties over the years and this was by far the smoothest" →

Nick — Senior Director, The London Planning Practice

"If it hadn't been for you ... this deal would have most certainly fallen through" →

Artia — Architect

"There are very few services I have used in my life, that I have felt as worthwhile as the services of Eccord" →

Damien — Entrepreneur

"Completely fabulous property management" →


"As a tenant, I have always had a great service from Eccord" →


"We had an amazing experience with Eccord during our tenancy" →


"It was very apparent that Eccord had in-depth knowledge" →

Claire — Nomura

"I was impressed by Eccord from the first day that they got in touch with us" →


"It is testament to your very patient approach dealing with our challenging scenario" →


"You found me a place I wouldn't have considered" →

Ed — Investment Banking

"You were excellent" →

Marc — Deutsche Bank

"You were organised, efficient, responsive and fought my corner" →

Sandra — TrailStone

"You give 100% effort and are always working for the client" →

Tom — Managing Director, Goldman Sachs

"Your backup at every stage made the roller coaster ride of buying an enjoyable one" →

Annette — Author & Broadcaster

"There aren't many who would have been able to get the result, I'm sure" →

Rob — Entrepreneur

"Exactly what we were looking for when the journey started" →

Michaela — Reinsurance

"The personality of the people from Eccord we worked with were all brilliant" →

S — Apple

"Supremely impressed by the service throughout and incredibly grateful" →


"I trusted their judgement enough that I bought it unseen" →

James — Sports Broadcaster

"Without Jo's help I would have lost confidence in my endeavour to purchase a property" →

Marcus — Shell

"I strongly recommend Eccord to any potential buyer" →

Emanuela — Banker, Citigroup

"There is no way I could have made this purchase from South Africa without your help" →


"Sitting 10,000 miles away, I could not have done this on my own" →

A — Cathay Pacific

"What differentiates Eccord is the personal touch" →


"I was only in London for two days and Eccord handled the entire process" →

Michael — Private Equity Director

"The flat rented out within a week for full asking price, so I'm thrilled!" →

Helen — Johnson & Johnson

"There was never a stone left unturned" →

L & J — Asset Manager and Fintech Executive

"I'm very happy with the property, and the investment. It's one of the best I've made" →


"The service was flawless" →

Natalie — JP Morgan

"I have been praising your services to colleagues" →

Catherine — Lawyer

"A straight ten with a star" →

J — British Actress

"Eccord are superb!" →


"Extremely happy!" →

C & P

"I would highly recommend you to any landlord wanting a professional property management service" →

James — Chairman, Of a leading energy company

"You have been on point managing our property" →

Tom — Author

"I continue to be impressed" →


"It is a huge relief to know that our property is in such capable and professional hands" →

Tessa — Lumley Pictures

"You always sort out any issue in such an effortless and quick manner" →

S — Dolce & Gabbana

"We couldn't and wouldn't do it without them!" →

Greg & Moira

"Incredibly responsive and just a pleasure to deal with" →


"Eccord has been invaluable to help us manage our London residence" →

Mr & Mrs F

"Thank you and your team for all of your advice and guidance" →

L & P — Investment manager

"You were wonderful to deal with" →


"If only every company we worked with was so proactive in delivering such an excellent service!" →

Sandra — Head of Reward & HR Operations, Hiscox

"Bravo!!" →

S & D — Banker, Goldman Sachs

"I would not just recommend your company to somebody who is moving from another country. I would insist that they do!" →

Anna — ICI

"100% worth every penny" →

T — Browns Design

"Customer service on truly another level" →

Sarah — United Nations

"You were incredibly detail oriented and worked around the clock" →

Erik — Deputy CEO of a Financial Research Firm

"Achieved in a week what would have taken me anything up to six months" →

Victoria — PWC

"From first contact all the way through, you were on every detail and pre-empted our every question" →

R — Managing Director, Google

"Their success in negotiating was outstanding" →

Ross — Banker

"Within 24 hours Eccord had found me a great flat, facilitated all the paperwork, organised a removal company for me and met me at my new property with the keys" →

Tahir — Managing Director, Credit Suisse

"Thank you… for anticipating our needs, including those we hadn't thought of!" →

A — Oil & Gas Executive

"I'm so grateful to you for creating such good memories of our first weeks in London" →


"It was all about us, as individuals and as a family" →


"Simply put, I couldn't have accomplished this move without Eccord's Settling In team" →

Mr C

"Extremely happy with their service, professionalism and savings they bring to our families" →

Hari Hundle — Managing Partner of Family Office, TwinFocus (Europe) - USD7bn Multi Family Office

"A search and management offering of the highest quality." →

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