Pied a terre townhouse

Off market house in Chelsea secured for pharmaceuticals entrepreneur


Pharmaceuticals entrepreneur buying in London


Pied a terre townhouse



Our Belgian clients had recently sold their company and were looking to buy a house in London.

They had searched themselves initially, identifying three houses they liked but their corporate lawyer who handled the sale of their company suggested they use a buying agent to ensure no options had been missed.

We exhausted the market and spent a Saturday with them, revisiting the houses they had identified, as well as six other houses we had sourced.

Their favourite was an off market property we had identified and we were the only buyers to see it. Ahead of their departure home to Belgium on Sunday afternoon, we managed to arrange a second viewing that morning. Within one weekend we had shown them the entire market and identified an off market house they loved.

We expertly negotiated and agreed the purchase. The off market seller was so impressed with the way we conducted the entire process that he then engaged us to represent him for his own onward purchase.


6 bedroom family home


7 bedroom family home