1,001 sq ft apartment

1,001 sq ft apartment


Australian clients with London pied a terre

Rental value

Private home

Our clients had acquired and rented out their apartment in Pimlico through Eccord for a number of years, but had recently decided to sell. Being based abroad and unfamiliar with the sales process, they appointed us to handle and manage this on their behalf.

We advised them on the most suitable sales agents, arranged and facilitated valuations and collated the feedback, along with market context, so that our clients were in an informed position to appoint a sales agent.

In preparation for launching the property to the market, we were also responsible for arranging storage and international shipping of some of our landlords' belongings and recommending and coordinating small scale maintenance works and furniture staging to present the property at its best.

Whilst the property was on the sales market, we also conducted fortnightly checks for security and peace of mind for our clients and settled all property expenditure and utility bills via our service client float account.


8,000 sq ft house with pool


5 bedroom house