3 bedroom duplex apartment

3 bedroom duplex apartment


Investment banker buying first home



Our client was looking to purchase a turnkey home with his girlfriend.

His parents had always used a buying agent in the country and wanted to ensure he was professionally represented, to ensure every detail had been considered and a wise purchase was made.

We methodically educated him about values and architectural types - and constraints - across five different locations within central London.

In doing so, we helped him understand and narrow down his preferences and options. He was able to recognise that the combination of internal lateral space and garden size he was seeking was very niche.

We identified one beautiful property within Chelsea, which was an area he hadn’t been considering. The property was a very unique proposition and unlike everything else we had shown him.

Having viewed all other alternatives, he and his parents had complete confidence in his decision to proceed with the apartment.

There were legal complexities and we worked closely with the family, the lawyers, surveyor and selling agents to ensure all aspects were negotiated and navigated to a successful outcome.


4 bedroom family home