Belsize Park

8,000 sq ft house with pool

8,000 sq ft house with pool


Private equity partner and entrepreneur

Rental value

Private home

Our clients acquired this stunning property through our search and acquisition team. After undertaking an extensive renovation post purchase, our client didn’t have the time or appetite to handle the snagging process with the contractors and architects, and we were brought on board to liaise with all parties to make sure everything was completed.

Alongside this, we created a Household Handbook for our client, which itemised all helpful and technical information about the property including maintenance requirements and service frequencies.

We manage, arrange and supervise all contractor visits which we coordinate to coincide with when we are at the property, ensuring maintenance and reactive works are handled seamlessly with no need for our client to be involved.

Most recently, we were able to source filters for a complex water filtration system through a contact in the USA, manage having them shipped over to the UK, and we appointed a specialist who can service the system without any involvement required from our client.


2 bedroom lateral apartment


1,001 sq ft apartment