Primrose Hill

9,000 sq ft trophy home

9,000 sq ft trophy home


Private equity partner & entrepreneur



Having interviewed numerous buying agents, our clients were seeking a completely independent team who would work in partnership with them with discretion, emotional intelligence and could advise on how their use of the property might change as their children became older.

The brief was for significant lateral space – across ideally just one floor – and a large private garden, but the property needed to be understated and homely. They also ideally didn't want to commit to extensive refurbishment works if possible.

We educated our clients to narrow down their search to the handful of roads and houses which met their criteria, and identified the status of every potentially suitable property.

During our search, we meticulously managed the relationships with the selling agents to ensure the narrative surrounding our clients was controlled and impeccable. Therefore, when the owners of one particular house discreetly indicated they may sell, we were the only buyer to be notified on a highly confidential basis.

We conducted a strictly one-off viewing and our clients absolutely loved the house. We exchanged two weeks later, with no other buyer or buying agent aware of the sale taking place.


5 bedroom family home


3 bedroom penthouse