6 bedroom family home

6 bedroom family home


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Our Italian clients were recommended to us by a previous client. They had lost out on two houses and were struggling to gain traction with the estate agents.

They were keen to find a house within walking distance of Sloane Square with a good garden and the opportunity to renovate and create an open plan space.

Most of the houses they had seen were Listed, which significantly limited the potential to reconfigure and open up the space.

We identified one house which was under offer and about to fall through and – crucially, unlike most of the other houses on the street – was not Listed.

Our clients had ruled out the house but we persuaded them to view, knowing it was not Listed and had the potential they were looking for.

Our relationship with the selling agent enabled us to secure a one-off viewing and our clients immediately realised this was house for them. We agreed the purchase before the house was ever re-launched to the market


8 bedroom family home


5 bedroom family home