Make the most of your outdoor space

Last weekend I had tickets to the Open Garden Squares Weekend, which is a two day event where community gardens and private squares throughout London are open to the public. The gardens range from historical private squares, which are usually only open to local residents who live on the squares, to contemporary roof gardens, prisons, barges and so on. It really is magical.

I see on average 300 properties per year on behalf of clients, and unfortunately London residents as a whole don’t often make the most of their outside space. I see so many roof terraces and garden spaces which have the potential to be really special, but instead they’re neglected and completely underused.

Buyers and tenants will often request outside space as part of their search requirements, particularly at this time of year. Therefore, if you do have outside space and are looking to sell or rent out your property, it can be very worthwhile investing some money to create something really lovely. It will do wonders not only in terms of being able to enjoy the outside space, but also improving the outlook of your property. Don’t underestimate the importance of a nice outlook as it can often be a deal breaker for buyers – if you can pretty up a light well or small patio garden it makes a huge difference to the overall feel of the property. It doesn’t need to be expensive – even spreading out white gravel and some pot plants can have a big effect. Lighting can also create a wow factor and with solar lighting systems it can be cost-effective. If you’re nervous about maintaining plants, there are some fantastic artificial options available.

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