7 bedroom family home

7 bedroom family home


Lawyer moving with her daughter



Our British client was looking to move to a larger house within south west London. She was already very familiar with the areas but wanted professional representation to ensure she had full coverage of the market and to assist with the purchase and post-purchase process.

During our search, we identified one particular house which worked perfectly but was significantly above budget. We knew the selling agent through previous client acquisitions and, rather than ruling it out, we presented our client’s position, her ability to move quickly and explained her maximum budget.

Because of our track record, we were able to negotiate the property down into our client's price range, on the basis that we were vouching for her being entirely credible and we would project managing the purchase process to ensure a quick and seamless exchange.

Within less than a month of being retained, we secured a perfect property for our client, which she would otherwise have discounted on the basis of being too far above budget to consider.


2 bedroom lateral apartment


3 bedroom lateral flat