Notting Hill

5 bedroom house

5 bedroom house


Private equity bachelor upsizing



Our client was looking to move from Borough to Notting Hill to be closer to friends and family.

We conducted the search during Covid and there was one specific house which was quietly on the market, being shown to only a handful of the best buyers.

Every buyer who viewed requested a second viewing, but the owners became nervous of covid and decided they wanted to withdraw the property and re-launch in 6 months.

We knew this was the right house for our client, so we persisted and put forward a request to do a one-off second viewing, offering to have a doctor carry out a covid test on us and our client on the doorstep before entering the house.

The sellers appreciated the polite persistence and agreed to allow a second viewing for our buyer only, and we subsequently agreed the purchase.

Our strong relationships and creative thinking enabled the buying opportunity for our client, which he would not have had otherwise.


6 bedroom townhouse


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