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A complex move between two private residences

A complex move between two private residences


Private family


Eccord was appointed to project manage the exit from a large family home into a smaller residence – ready for the family’s return in time for a new school term – during the summer months while they were abroad.

Whilst our client was overseas, our settling-in team unpacked over nine containers and 300 boxes, coordinated the arrival of the grand piano, worked alongside the interior designer to ensure each room in the house was set up correctly, hired household staff and dog walkers, and set up telecoms, the security system and utilities.

We also took delivery of seven containers which arrived from our clients’ country house (with no prior notice) on day two of the project. With nine containers already at the new house, all country belongings and furniture were quickly sorted on arrival to separate what needed to stay, what needed to be donated or disposed of and what needed to go back into storage.

When our clients returned from their summer, their dogs were ready and waiting for them, the kitchen was stocked, beds were made and the correct school uniform was laid out in each child’s room.


Last minute move between two private residences


Setting up a new household